Table of brushes to avoid striped of the material with work camp of to 2550 mm in axis X and1280 mm in axis Y and with the possibility of re-positioning in axis X for format 3000 mm or more if it fits.
The thickness of sheet to punch goes from 0,5 mm to 8 mm in steel construction and up to 5 mm in stainless steel.
Of his 21 stations for useful ( that been 210 useful ones in Multitool ) 4 stations are occupied by claws to give a better sujeccion in the very heavy sheets ( up to 200kg ) and also in conforming.
Very versatil machine thanks to his gyratory compress 360 degress ( 300 rev/min ) and with technology of coils (by lamination) there is obtained the range of M-2,5 to M-10.
The technology of rollers allows to leave the singing without fins ( up to sheet 2 mm ). With a compress mobil in height ( 35 mm ) sauges can be achieved and even folded.